Littleton, Colorado is a city that has been growing and developing for nearly 150 years. The history of Littleton is rich with stories about how it became the vibrant community it is today. In this blog post, we will walk through Littleton’s history from when it was founded in 1887 to its recent development boom. We’ll also talk about what Littleton offers businesses today and why you should start or relocate your business here. Information can be found here.

Littletown was founded after gold miners discovered deposits of ore nearby in 1859. The settlement grew steadily over the years and became an important town for trading goods between Denver and other locations throughout southeastern parts of Colorado. This small community continues to grow into one that welcomes new businesses every year with open arms. Lately, it has become popular among business owners because their employees can enjoy affordable housing prices while still working within close proximity to downtown Littletonget closer look at what makes this place so special. See here for information about Golden in Colorado: A Review of a Beautiful Place.